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2 dice, An empty cup or dice cup, Beer Bong, Deck of cards, Plenty of Beer
Captain Dickhead
1 deck of cards, Beer, People
Captain Dickhead (Cougar Variation)
Beer, Deck of cards, People, Shot glass, Whiskey
Card Categories
A few friends, Alcohol, An empty glass, Face cards from a regular deck of cards (10 thru Ace)
2 players, Deck of playing cards, Drinks
Deck of cards, Drinks
Christmas Tree
2 or more people, Deck of cards, lots of ants
Circle of Death #1
Beer, Cards, Players
Circle of Death #2
Deck of cards : 2 decks if your feelin' froggy
Circle of Death with Busta Rhymes
Beer, Deck of cards
Circle of Fire
lots of ants, Lots of people (at least 7 to be fun)
Colonel Clink
Bottled drinks (beer, ciders, etc.), Deck of Cards, Shot glass
5-10 people (Gals and Guys), Beer or light liquor, Deck of cards including Jokers
At least 3 people, Beer, Deck of Cards, Something to balance cards on (eg. Vase)
Alcohol, At least 4 but fewer than 10 people, Deck of cards
Craazzyy Eights
A few friends, Deck of cards, Drinks
Crazy Eight Drinkdown
Deck of cards, Drinks of choice