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If you donít have any props around, but want a way to challenge your friends to a drinking dual, then your best bet is a drinking game of endurance.

Also referred to as a tolerance game, endurance games test each player to see how long he or she can compete.

Endurance drinking games donít necessarily take any still to play, however many games do require you to have speed and tolerance.

The simplest form of an endurance game is going shot for shot with your opponents. Nothing is needed to play, but shot glasses, your drink of choice, and your will to win. With this type of endurance game, each player takes turns downing his or her shot of choice. The last player to make it without passing out, running for the bathroom, etc. wins.

Another easy way to challenge opponents to an endurance game is to play what is referred to as wither a waterfall, a cascade, or a fountain. During this game, each player most continuously drink from his or her cup until someone else cannot drink any longer.

One of the most well known and widely played endurance drinking game is Power Hour. This game is quite simple to play, and usually requires the players to have only shot glasses and beer on hand. A clock also helps considering the game is timed. Players must take a shot of beer each minute for an entire hour. The person left standing, or who has the most control of his or her facilities, is usually considered the winner.

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