Cocktail Buzz Tips & Tricks: The Margarita Salt Rim

Margaritas are a favorite of ours year round and we like them with salt. When we first started shaking cocktails the salt rim was one of the first tricks we learned. It's simple and adds just that right touch to your Margarita.

How to make Grenadine

Today's grenadine is rife with high-fructose corn syrup and food coloring, a far cry from the preservative-free original.  Why not follow these simple instructions and make your own, home-made grenadine.

Straining and Double Straining

This page tells you a little bit about the types of strainers available to the bartender and where and how to use them.


Not only are your ingredients important, but that forgotten addition is equally so.  Ice forms an integral part of your drinks so learn how ice can change the flavour of your drink.

How to prepare fruit juices

This page gives you insight on choosing and preparing juice for your cocktails.

How to muddle

This page is a description of how to muddle your cocktail.

Building your cocktail

A description on how to build your alcoholic cocktail.

Flaming Drink Procedures

A guide to preparing Flaming drinks and how to safely pull off this spectacular technique.

Glass Preparation

How to prepare you glass for that perfect cocktail.

Procedures for Layering your drink.

A guide on how to properly prepare a drink in layers.

Shake-Blend your drink.

A guide to shake or blend your drink.

How to prepare Simple Syrup.

How to prepare Simple Syrup (Bar Mix, Sugar Syrup) for your cocktail and drink recipes.

How to prepare a drink by Stirring.

How to prepare a drink by stirring to mix, rather than shaking.