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Dice games have been played for quite some time. While many people may recognize dice games as those that are usually played on the streets or in the comfort of a casino, some enjoy using dice to play fun drinking games at a party, bar, or anywhere that drinking occurs.

There are many variations of dice games that are played by drinkers today. Some may be more recognizable then others, such as 7-11-Doubles, while others, such as Kinito, Mexico, Three Man, and Dudo, may not be as well known.

7-11-Doubles is a dice game that should definitely be played at your next drinking function. As long as you have beer, dice, and four players willing to play, you can certainly have a good time.

To play this game, a player must roll the dice to order to get the game started. If it dice land on doubles, 7, or 11, the roller can choose which player will drink. The person that the roller chooses must fill of his or her glass without touching the glass at all. Then, before the roller can once again roll one of the magic numbers, the drinker must finish his or her drink. If the drink is not finished prior to rolling a double, 7, or 11, then the glass must once again be filled and the drinker must try again. Once a drinker is lucky enough to beat the person rolling the dice, the dice are passed to another player and the game is restarted.

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