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F*ck The Dealer
Any kind of drink (Beer if your looking for perseverance), Deck of Cards
At least 4 people, Deck of cards, Liquor
F*ck Your Buddy
Bottle of Tequila per person playing, Deck of cards
Deck of cards, lots of ants, Lots of people
Fizz Buzz
Alcohol, Plenty of people
Flopply Dopplys
5 - 8 people, Full deck of cards, Lots of alcohol
Forehead Idiot
3 - 12 players, A shot glass or beer glass for each person, Lots of drink, One pack of cards
Fotch And A Beer
A full deck of cards, At least 3 people, Lots of beer or drinks
Deck of cards, Loads of Beer (or favorite drink), Room full of people
Funky Bitch
4 or more people, Beer, or drink of choice, Deck of cards
Fuzzy Duck
Deck of cards, Drinks, Players