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In a place like a bar or pub, there arenít too many things you can use to start a drinking game. Sure, you can make bets on who will sink the 8 ball into the corner pocket or who will make 3 bulls eyes in a row, but you wonít often find things like playing cards or dice on hand to use in a drinking game.

This is where drinking games of speed come in. These games donít need anything fancy to play. All players have to have it a drink and, well, speed.

When playing a drinking game of speed, the object of the game isnít necessarily to see who will become drunk the quickest, although there is nothing wrong with setting that as your goal. In most cases, the players are simply competing to see who can be victorious and earn money or the much coveted bragging rights that friends often seek.

Most speed games are played using beer as the alcohol of choice. A popular game that is played in various areas is Chugging.

At least four people are needed to play this game (and a good amount of beer, too!). Each player must have a cup filled with the same amount of beer. Two players then sit across from each other and begin to chug. When the first person finishes, he must put his empty cup on the table to signal the end of the round. The person who loses must fill his or her cup halfway and drink it before the next round can begin.

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