Circle of Fire

Game Type: Card - C


  • lots of ants
  • Lots of people (at least 7 to be fun)


One of the players is chosen to be the headmaster.

  • No pointing: you can only point anything or anybody with your elbow. Anybody pointing with a finger has to drink 2 sips. (if somebody notices it)
  • No cursing: you can't say bad words; else, you drink 2 sips.
Cards are as follows:
  • King: Invent a rule.
  • Queen: F*ck the Queen! - everybody toasts.
  • Jack: Thumbmaster.
  • 10: Question Card - you can ask anybody any question, and if they answer, you show them your card and they have to drink 2 sips.
  • 9 and 8: Bathroom Cards - you can't get to the WC if you don't get one (either from the table or from another player)
  • 7: Zip Zap Boing - A game in the game. The first player states a direction (with his elbow), and says either: Zip: normal flow (in the stated direction), Zap: bounces back, changes direction, Boing: Jumps 1 player (in the stated direction) The first player to miss its turn, or to say the 3rd "Zip" in a row, has to drink 2 sips.
  • 6 :Categories - The player that draw the card chooses a category (eg: car brands) and a direction. Everybody has to name an object pertaining to the category, and has to drink while they think. If they repeat, they drink 2 sips. The Game Master can call it off any time.
  • 5: Name Game - The player that got the card states a direction to follow, then says the name of a famous person (eg: Warren Beatty). Then the next player (in the stated direction) has to say a new character whose name starts with the letter of the previous' character last name (eg: Brad Pitt); while he thinks, he has to drink. If the name and last name starts with the same letter (eg: Betty Boop), then the round changes direction (bounces back). The Game Master calls it off.
  • 4: Drinks 4 sips.
  • 3: Drinks 3 sips.
  • 2: Drinks 2 sips.
  • Ace: Fun! - The person that got the card states a direction, and starts drinking. The person in the stated direction can only stop drinking when the 1st did, then the person following him can, and so on, and so onů If anybody finishes his glass, they are allowed to stop drinking. Glasses must be refilled prior to start. This is a very funny game and the result is everything is much more fun after playing it!


Belgium Boy