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As the name suggest, coin drinking games are those that involve the use of a coin during game play. This is a great game to play at the spur of the moment, because you can almost certainly find someone in the room who has a coin in their pocket.

One of the most well known drinking games is Quarters. Whether youíve played it yourself, or just watched others have a great time playing it, youíve surely heard of this game.

This game is fun whether you are just starting out your night or if everyone has already had a few drinks. Although, the more drinks everyone has had before the game begins, the more challenging and fun it actually is to play.

To play, youíll need a coin and a glass filled with your alcohol of choice. Beer is usually used for this game. Each player takes a turn bouncing a quarter off of a hard surface, usually a table, in order to make it bounce back into the glass. When a person succeeds in doing so, he or she can choose a person to drink the contents of the glass.

Another great coin game is Drop the Coin. For this game, youíll also need a coin or two, as well as a glass. However, with this game, the glass should be empty. Players must place the coin between their knees, walk with it to the glass (which has been placed on the floor), and drop it into the glass. Anyone who misses the glass or loses control of the coin before making it to the glassí location must take a drink.

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