Game Type: Card - C


  • Deck of cards
  • Drinks


You can play this with quite a few people but use 2 decks if there is lots. This is played just the same as cheat but you drink when you get caught.
The entire deck (or two) is dealt out face down to all the players. The object of the game is to get rid of your cards first by whatever means deemed necessary by you, but beware, don't get caught!
To start off, the player to the left of the dealer plays a card or more, facedown, and calls whatever they put down. E.g.. Put down 3 two's and calls 'Three twos' (not a good idea to cheat first time but people do).
The next player then has to play that number or one above or below E.g. ace, two or three. They then play however many cards and call it. Now if he doesn't have any of the above mentioned cards he needs to pretend like he does and put down (for example) 2 kings but he calls 2 aces (or calls 1 ace even).
If anyone suspects him they can call 'Cheat!' before the next play is made and the cheater drinks but if the caller is wrong he drinks (check the top cards to see). Also whoever drinks takes all the cards in the pile and starts the next round.
The only rule is that you can only be caught before the next play. Beware of people in cahoots! You can cheat in which way you like (looking at people's cards, cards in your pants...).
This is great for getting drunk as the same person who drinks gets worse at cheating as the game goes on.


Elizabeth Webber