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The Best Damn Game for Amateurs and Pros
A beer or drink for everyone, At least five people (makes it more interesting, and keeps the game moving), One Deck of Cards, One empty glass in the center of the table
The Best Kings Version Ever
Beer, Deck of cards, People
The Game
Deck of cards, Lots of beer, Pair of dice
The Gauntlet
2 people at a time, A deck of cards with no jokers, Lots of beer
The Good The Bad And The Ugly
A circle of willing candidates, Beer, Cards
The Kings Cup
4-8 people (equal men and women), Deck of cards, Large cup, Mainly beer or whatever your drinking works if your willing to pay the price
The Real Circle of Death
At least 2 people, Deck of cards, Favorite alcoholic drink
The Real Kings
1 or 2 decks of cards
Thirty One
Beer, Deck of cards, People
Thumb Master
3 or more people, Deck of cards, Drink of choice
3 or more people, Beer
Beer, Deck of cards, People