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While some drinking games need players to use their brains, skills, or tolerance to become the winner, others can only be won based on sheer luck.

Winning at just about any game requires luck, and drinking games are certainly no different. You don’t need to have dice, coins, or anything else on hand to play a drinking game of luck. But, you do need to have the chips stacked in your favor to come out of the game victorious.

Just about everyone knows of the game roulette. As much as you’d like to think there is some kind of strategy to this game, winning can usually be attributed to luck. The same can be considered true for its drinking game equivalent, Shot Roulette.

This game is good for a large crowd, because anywhere between 4 and 6 people can play. All but one of the players is given a shot glass to place before them. One of the shot glasses is filled with any type of clear alcohol, such as vodka. The other shot glasses should all contain water.

The person who does not have a shot glass leaves the room while the other players shuffle the glasses. The player then returns to the room to watch the other players take a shot. The player has to guess which of his or her opponents was lucky enough to drink the vodka. A correct answer warrants everyone taking a shot, while a wrong answer is the start of a new round.

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