As Bar None gets regular contributors to the monthly newsletter, we'll set up an archive of their articles for you to browse. You'll find new recipes, interesting tips and a wealth of other information in your quest to be a better bartender or just more knowledgeable about the industry in general

Dr. Bamboo

After The Raven, Dr. Bamboo is our longest serving contributor. A well respected blogger from the cocktail world, we are lucky to have his musings grace our newsletter and website. From month to month, you never know what to expect.

Colleen Graham

A respected contributor to the cocktail community, long time's fantastic writer, Colleen Graham joins us for some insight into her thoughts on the cocktail world.

Stephanie Jerzy

Stephanie Jerzy, cocktail enthusiast and journalist at Brand Action Team. Stephanie joins the Bar None team and writes on all things alcohol. Need to know the story behind the brand? Make sure you read this column!

Paul Zablocki and Steve Schul - Cocktail Buzz

Paul and Steve are food and beverage consultants that love cocktails, cooking and entertaining. You'll find their monthly submissions here. Check out the great photos!

Geoffrey Kleinman

Geoffrey Kleinman is the editor of, a website dedicated to helping people explore the vast world of distilled spirits. In addition, he is a contributor to The Tasting Panel Magazine, Shake Stir, Black Book Magazine, and of course, Bar None Drinks.

Selena Ricks

A sipper of fine spirits and specialty cocktails, Selena Ricks writes and is a former nightlife editor and currently works in PR.

Shawn Soole

Shawn Soole, Bartender and founder of the Liquid Revolution shares his thoughts, ideas and insights. Shawn runs Clives, located in the Chateau Victoria in British Columbia, Canada.

Raising the Bar with Pamela Irving

Pamela brings a fresh new approach to the cocktail culture, specializing in the world of all things culinary with a focus on cocktails made with local, seasonal and organic ingredients.

The CocktAlien

We're not sure where he came from but The CocktAlien brings another point of view to the cocktail culture. We're sure you'll be surprised from month to month.