Game Type: Card - C


  • 5-10 people (Gals and Guys)
  • Beer or light liquor
  • Deck of cards including Jokers


Shuffle the deck and make 2 piles. One pile consists of the 2’s, 3’s, & 4’s. Place it upside-down. It's the “drink” pile. The remaining cards are all turned upside-down for the “Draw” pile.

Take turns choosing a card from the “Draw” pile, these are the actions:

  • King – All Guys take one drink
  • Queen – All Girls take one drink
  • Jack – Everybody Shouts “Jesus” And makes a Halo with their hands on their head. The last person that says "Jesus!" has to take a large drink.
  • 9’s & 10’s – Draw from the Drink Pile (Drink as many as the card says)
  • Crazy 8’s – Switch Directions (no Drinks)
  • Lucky 7’s – Give away a drink (The chosen person picks from the “drink” pile)
  • Evil 6’s – Waterfall! Starting with the person who draws, everyone must keep their beer up and drinking until the person next to you decides to put their drink down. (The person who drew the card stops first, The last person in the line drinks the longest.)
  • High 5’s -Draw from the drink pile. However, The last person who drank has to “High 5” the person who just drew the 5. If he/she forgets then they match the drink.
  • ACE’s! – Make a new Rule (be creative! eg -no one can leave to pee for 3 rounds or –you have to dedicate your drinks to people etc.)>
  • Joker -Kiss Card! Have to kiss the next person that drinks! (Pray it’s a member of the opposite sex!)

*If doubles come up from the “Draw” pile, you take double the drinks that entire round. (eg- two 5’s drawn in a row and a 4 was taken from the drink pile. The drinker(s) gets to take 8!)


Robert Guido