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Miscellaneous drinking games can be classified as both games that fall under other categories, as well as those that donít. Some games cannot necessarily be given a category label because they use more than one prop, while others are just in a class of their own.

For instance, take the game I Never. While this can be considered a classic drinking game, it can also be categorized as miscellaneous because it does not use coins, dice, endurance, etc.

To play this game, you just have to be able to tell the truth. One player will say I Never, followed by an activity that the person has never done. If you have engaged in such as activity, then you donít have to say anythingójust take a drink. But, if you also have not done that particular thing, donít drink. Each player takes turn being the one to vocalize the activity.

Another type of drinking game that is considered to be miscellaneous is Double Dare. Also known as Drink or Dare, this game is perfect for a large crowd, because it is best played with four or more people.

Players sit in a circle to start the game. The first player offers the player on his or her left a dare to complete. The dare can be anything the player chooses, and the boundaries for each dare should be set before the game begins. They target player can either choose to complete the dare or take a drink. Once the dare has been completed or the drink has been finished, the player then gets to choose a dare for the person on his or her left, or can challenge the original asker to double or nothing, meaning that he or she can also complete the dare or drink twice the amount.

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