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Drinking games of skill require players to have a certain skill that is needed to become the game’s winner. Whether the game requires brain power, strength, endurance, or a good memory, each player must come equipped with more than just a drink in hand.

Although drinking games of skill may not be considered difficult in the beginning, they certainly become harder as the game progresses. By mid-game, more drinks have been ingested, meaning that the players may have a harder time with their memories, motor skills, etc.

A popular variation of a drinking game of skill is a memory game. There are many types of memory games, and each has its own set of rules for players to follow. Some may require that players repeat words in a specific order, repeat the words and also add to them, or remember something that someone said on a past turn.

Another type of skill game is one that requires players to observe something in particular that has been determined ahead of time, such as a particular color car driving by, an actor or actress appearing on screen during a television show, or a certain word being spoken in the room.

Drinking games of skill that require coordination are quite fun to play, and are equally as fun to watch! During the course of this type of drinking game, players must be able to perform a certain skill, such as launch a ping pong ball into a cup or bounce a coin into a mug of beer. The longer the game progresses, the harder it is for players to perform the given tasks.

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