Game Type: Card - C


  • 2 players
  • Deck of playing cards
  • Drinks


Player One shuffles eleven cards (ace to ten) from two suits (22 cards in total). Each player chooses one of the two suits.

Player One then throws the cards in the air in the direction of Player Two, who attempts to catch as many cards as possible. For each card caught in a player's suit, he must take one drink.

For example, suppose Player 1 chose hearts and Player 2 chose spades. If Player 2 caught three hearts and four spades, 1 and 2 would take three and four drinks, respectively. The players switch roles after each round.

There are also several optional rules:

  • If a card is lost in the course of the game, the player who threw the cards in that round must drink an amount corresponding to the value of the card (ie: nine sips if a nine is lost).
  • You can play with the face cards if you wish. If caught, they are worth: Jack: two drinks Queen: three drinks King: five drinks
  • If there's a joker in the deck, and it is caught, the suits are reversed. In the above example, Player 2 would drink three and Player 1 would drink four.
  • Of course, the game can be played with the whole deck, and up to four players.

Note: This game is especially good for those who do not like to get totally smashed, since fewer and fewer cards get caught as the game progresses.