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When a group gathers to drink, whether it is at someoneís house, at a pub, or at a bar, the chances of a television being on nearby are pretty good. A TV isnít just a great source of entertainment, it is also a great tool to use for playing a drinking game.

Television-Movie drinking games are those that are played while watching either a movie or a television show. The players competing in the game often set the rules as to what constitutes a player having to drink based on what the group is watching.

For instance, the rules can state that players must drink or take shot when a particular character says a certain word, makes a certain sound, or even makes a certain gesture, such as a wave or a handshake. The rules donít necessarily have to follow a character, they can also work with a place, a word, or anything that you choose.

Watching a horror movie? Then the rules can be set so that the players must drink when the killer appears on screen or takes another victim. Maybe you prefer romantic movies. Opt to drink whenever someone kisses, hugs, or holds hands.

Is it holiday time? Then invite some friends over for a movie and a drinking game. These movies are chock full of drinking opportunities, such as taking a sip whenever you see snow, a holiday icon, etc.

If you prefer playing a drinking game while watching a TV show, then there are many out there to choose from. It is best to use a TV show that you are familiar with, so you can choose fun rules for the game.

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