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Do you have a drink? Do you have a voice? Then you can play a vocal drinking game, because those are pretty much all that is required for game play.

When it comes to vocal drinking games, there are different rules that can be followed. Some vocal drinking games have set rules, but others allow the players to set their own according to their preferences.

In some games, players can opt to mark certain words or phrases as those that are taboo to say. Once a player hears someone in the room vocalize the phrase or word, then he or she must take a drink. The rule can also be changed so that the person who said the forbidden phrase or word must be the one to take a drink.

A popular version of a vocal drinking game is one that requires the players to repeat phrases or words in a particular order or way. When a player makes and mistake and breaks the flow, then itís time for him or her to drink.

One example of this game is Fuzzy Ducky. It starts by players sitting in a circle or around a table. The player to start the game says Fuzzy Ducky to the player on his or her left, who in turn does the same to the next player. A player can change the direction by saying Does He, which means that the game will now go from left to right with the players saying Ducky Fuzz instead of Fuzzy Duck. Changing the direction again will bring game play back to right to left with players saying Fuzzy Duck. The first player to mess up and say something wrong has to drink.

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