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Since 1995, Bar None has been a cocktail site that is free to use. We plan on continuing that tradition. The site is funded by us, two old dudes, and the ever diminishing advertising money the site generates.

Bar None has taken countless hours and thousands of dollars to build, maintain and grow over the years. We aren't backed by a company so there aren't deep pockets to help us out. Just a passion to give back to the web by providing recipes, games, tips and other information dedicated to the cocktail and drinking culture.

If Bar None Drinks has provided you with useful information, we'd be incredibly grateful to receive some appretiation in return.

Our funds are used to cover costs like:
  • $1 is 10 hours of electricity for our PC
  • $5 per day for server hosting
  • $10 is a tenth of our yearly domain registration costs
  • $25 is a quarter of a hard drive used to store the site data

We aren't looking to get rich, just to keep the site running as it is.

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