Colonel Clink

Game Type: Card - C


  • Bottled drinks (beer, ciders, etc.)
  • Deck of Cards
  • Shot glass


This game is a bit complicated, but trust me you need to try it out. It can start out slow, but sooner or later someone gets stuck with a really long turn while everybody else watches and laughs.

3-4 players is ideal. More players, try adding another deck.

Deal 6-8 cards face up in the middle of the table. No jokers. More cards = more drinks. Deal the rest of the cards to the players in a face-down pile. Players cannot look at their cards.

The first player takes the shot glass in his left hand and pours a full shot. (See rules, below). He then flips his top card.

If his card matches: a) one of the cards in the middle of the table or b) the last played card of any player (including his own), then he must drink the shot. Match more than once, he must drink a shot for each card matched.

Once all drinks (and any penalty drinks) are taken, the player must refill the shot glass before flipping another card. If no cards are matched, and no penalties are owing, the player passes the shot glass to the next player, who takes it in his left hand.

The game continues until all players have played all of their cards. This is a game where everybody wins. Some just win more than others.

Important to note: all rules of the game apply ONLY to the player whose turn it is -- the one with the shot glass. Other players can gleefully watch for penalties, and are free to drink while they do so.

Penalty: Violation of any rule means you drink the glass and refill it.

  • The shot glass must remain in the left hand of the player whose turn it is at all times, cannot be set on the table.
  • Except when drinking or pouring the shot glass must always be full of beer. A player who flips a card with the glass empty gets a penalty drink.
  • Filling the glass: If you "clink" the bottle on the shot glass while pouring, this is a penalty. (Hence, the name of the game). Drink up and try again.
  • The shot glass must be filled to the brim, or at least very close. Any significant spillage (other than the odd drop or two) is also a penalty.
  • Player cannot leave the table or go to the washroom during his turn. Note that, if his drink runs out, other players are obligated to fetch him a new one.
  • Player cannot belch, swear, call other players by name, or point. Each violation is a penalty. Add rules here as you desire.
  • Credit

    Doctor Gonzo