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Beer 99
Beer, Deck of cards, Players
Beer Blow
Beer, Deck of cards, Empty bottle, People
Beer Hearts
4 people, Deck of cards without the jokers, Much beer
A deck of cards, Beer, People
Between The Sheets
3 or more people, Deck of cards, Lots of beer
Alcohol, Deck of cards, Players (enough to make it interesting)
Blind Poker
Deck of cards, Plenty of drinks for everybody
Blow the Cards
Deck of cards, Shooter Glasses
3 - 5 people, Cold frosty beer, Full deck of cards
Brain Damage
Deck of Cards
A deck of cards, Beer, People (not more than 6 for a good game)
Busted Condom
Deck of cards, Dice (one for each player), Plenty to drink