Captain Dickhead (Cougar Variation)

Game Type: Card - C


  • Beer
  • Deck of cards
  • People
  • Shot glass
  • Whiskey


Remove the jokers from the deck, and spread the cards face down around the shot glass in the center of a table. Fill a glass with whiskey. Each player takes turns drawing cards and follows the rules below:

  • A black 3,4,6, and 8 the player takes the number of drinks on the card
  • A red 3,4,6, and 8 the player gives out the number on the card, and may break the numbers up (eg: if a 4 is drawn, you can give one person 3 drinks, and another 1)
  • A 2 means you drink the shot, then refill the glass until all 2's are drawn
  • A 5 is the rhyme game. The first player says a word or phrase, and all players must continue rhyming in order. When a player screws up, he must take a 5 count penalty
  • A 7 is a piss card...when drawn, you keep it and use it for permission to go to the bathroom; no bathroom trips are permitted without having a 7
  • A 9 means reverse the playing order
  • A 10 is a social. All players take a 5 count together
  • Jack is the categories game. First player picks a category and names something within the category, and all players must continue this in order until someone screws up or repeats one previously used, then he/she takes a 5 count penalty.
  • Queen means make a rule. The player makes a rule, and names a consequence for if the rule is broke
  • King is the waterfall. The first player starts drinking and subsequently all players will begin in order. You can't stop drinking until the player ahead of you stops.
  • Ace denotes the "Captain Dickhead". Similar to the president in "Asshole", he/she can do whatever they want during their reign. Make rules, veto rules, assign drinks, steal piss cards, anything is within the Captain's power. The Captain's power is lost when another ace is drawn, then that person becomes the new Captain.

Continue until sloppy drunk.