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Killer Kings
At least 3 people, Deck of cards, lots of ants, Pitcher or large glass
King Beer
Beer, Deck of cards for every 4 - 5 people
Deck of cards (can also be played with 2 decks), Large drink for each player, Large empty glass
Kings 1
A variety of liquor, Deck of cards, People
Kings and Blood
Beer, Deck o' cards, People
Kings Corner
Deck of cards, Lotsa Beer, Semi large group of people (6-15)
Kings Cup
Beer, Deck of cards, Large glass, People
Kings II
1 glass about half a pint in size, Bunch of people, Drinks for everyone, Prepared deck of cards
Kings In The Hood
Beer or Liquor, Deck of cards, Variety of people
Kings Variation
A Deck of cards, Bunch of People, Plenty of Alcohol