Game Type: Card - C


  • At least 3 people
  • Beer
  • Deck of Cards
  • Something to balance cards on (eg. Vase)


Deal all cards out, no one peeks. Place vase or other object in center. Take turns flipping up a card for everyone to see. Once turn has ended, place card with one hand on top of vase.


  • 2-9- Red- give as many drinks, Black- Take as many drinks
  • 10- Social (everyone drinks)
  • Jack- Start a sentence with one word, each person after you must repeat your word and add one, making a sentence. Once someone can't remember all the words or can't come up with anything, they drink.
  • Queen- Rhyme time- say a word, each person after must say a word to rhyme with it, if they can't they drink.
  • King- Card does not get stacked, leave in center, once 4th King is out, the person who had it Drinks.
  • Ace- Category- person says a category such as "cars", each person after must name a type of car. Whoever can't drinks and itís the next person's turn.
If at some point during the game, a person places a card on the stack and the stack falls, that person must drink as many cards as fell - 5 cards fell, 5 drinks.
Add your own rules to make it even more confusing!


Becky Frock