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Drinking games are a great way to break the ice at parties, challenge your friends to a drink off, or even just help you to get your drink on faster. While some enjoy playing drinking games with a small group of friends in the privacy of their own homes, many of these games can be found played with large groups at bars, pubs, parties, and even in a frat house or two.

Many drinking games adhere to universal rules when it comes to game play. Although you can certainly make up your own rules prior to the start of the game or as you go along. The way you play a drinking game is dependant on those who participate.

The object of a drinking game is to not only have a little bit of fun mixed in with your drinking, but, in some cases, to also help you become drunk faster than if you were just casually drinking.

There are a lot of classic drinking games that are universally known among players, who often consist of young adults and college students.

The Name Game is definitely a party favorite. Players begin by sitting down in a circle. One person begins by saying a name, whether it be the name of someone famous, the name of someone you know, or just a random name. The next player must think of a name that begins with the letter of the last name given by the previous player. If a player gives a name with the same letter for both the first and last name, game play changes directions. The first to break the flow of the game drinks, then the game starts over.

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