The Kings Cup

Game Type: Card - T


  • 4-8 people (equal men and women)
  • Deck of cards
  • Large cup
  • Mainly beer or whatever your drinking works if your willing to pay the price


This game is similar to the King's Beer I saw at this website. As far as I know, there are many other versions of the game, and anyone can change the rules before the game starts if desired. So long as the Kings always stand for the same thing, the game will work. First, the cup is placed in the center with the deck of cards spread around it. Whoever goes first draws a card from anywhere in the deck (how you decide who goes first is up to you). Play continues clockwise. The guidelines are as follows:

  • Ace--Waterfall. Everyone drinks continuously (shotguns) until the person before them stops.
  • 2--is for you. Pick someone and they drink two.
  • 3--is for me. Whomever draws this drinks three.
  • 4--is for whores. Ladies drink once.
  • 5--Categories. Whomever draws the card, chooses a category. The next person, clockwise of them must name something in the category and so on in the circle. If you take too long, name something that has already been named, or name something incorrectly, drink once.
  • 6--is for dicks. Guys drink once.
  • 7--is for everyone. Everyone drink once.
  • 8--to the left. Person to the left of the player drinks once.
  • 9--to the right. Person to the right of the player drinks once.
  • 10--Thumbmaster. Player who draws the ten is thumbmaster. Thumbmaster puts his or her thumb out (on the playing surface) so everyone can see at random points throughout the game after the 10 is drawn. Everyone else in the game must then put out a thumb on the playing surface. Last person to do so drinks. Thumbmaster remains thumbmaster until the next 10 is drawn.
  • J--Rules. Player who draws gets to make up a rule. Everyone must agree to the rule. If anyone breaks the rule, they drink. The rule stands until somebody cancels the rule with another Jack. Rules can run over eachother if no one cancels them.
  • Q--Questions. The player who draws selects someone at random and asks them a question. They must ask someone else a question. Play continues until someone either makes a statement, asks the person who asked them, or repeats a question that has already been asked.
  • K--Player who draws the king pours some of their drink into the Kings Cup in the center. Any amount. Every king that is drawn this happens, until the final king is drawn and the person who draws it drinks the Kings Cup. When the Kings Cup is emptied the game is over, regardless if there are still cards.


Keala Milles, Jr