The Best Kings Version Ever

Game Type: Card - T


  • Beer
  • Deck of cards
  • People


This game can end up being quite risque if enough alcohol is consumed, but it is the funnest I have ever played!!! A bottle, can, or glass of beer is placed in the center of the table. The deck of cards is spread around it in a circle. Whoever is chosen to go first chooses a card. The cards each signify different things as follows:

  • Ace-in your face, you take one drink.
  • Two-give two, you give one person two drinks or two people each one drink.
  • Three-give three, same principle as two.
  • Four-is for whores, all females take one drink.
  • Five-community, everyone takes one drink.
  • Six-is for dicks, all guys take one drink.
  • Seven-waterfall, the person who drew the card begins to drink. As soon as they begin the person to the right of them begins and so on around the table. You can only stop when the person to the left of you stops.
  • Eight-category, the person who drew the eight thinks of a category,(like brands of beer, makes of cars, sex positions) it goes around the table until someone can't think of anymore or says something that has already been said, the person who stops it has to drink.
  • Nine-rule, the person who draws the nine makes up a rule that everyone has to follow for the rest of the game. If someone breaks the rule they have to drink. (a good one is that no one can say the three D's-drink, drank, or drunk).
  • Ten-Thumbmaster, the thumbmaster is only good until the next ten is drawn. The person who is the thumbmaster places their thumb on the edge of the table at any time. Whoever is the last to notice and do the same has to drink. It may be done as many times as desired until the next ten is drawn.
  • Jack-I Never, the person who draws the jack says a statement starting with the words "I neverů.", whoever has done whatever it is they said has to take a drink. This one really helps you get to know things about your friends!
  • Queen-question, the person who draws the queen asks anyone a question, preferably something embarassing or silly. The person who was asked then turns to someone else and asks them a question without answering the question asked to them. Whoever laughs, answers or can't think of a question first has to drink.
  • King-the first three kings drawn are freebies, they are stacked on top of the full, unopened beer in the center of the table. Whoever Draws the fourth king has to chug that beer without taking it away from their lips.


Cecily Kriener