The Gauntlet

Game Type: Card - T


  • 2 people at a time
  • A deck of cards with no jokers
  • Lots of beer


The dealer lays 7 cards face up on the table. The player begins with card one and guesses if the next card in the deck will be higher or lower. The dealer then flips the card and lays in on top of the first card in the row. If the player is correct they move on to the next card and repeat until they successfully "Run the Gauntlet". If they are wrong they drink depending on which row they guess wrong on (i.e. one drink for the first row, two for the second, etc.) and then returns to the begining. Also, if the same card is flipped (color or suit doesnt matter) the player automatically loses and drinks double the amoung of a regular loss and again returns to the begining. If the player completes the Gauntlet without drinking they must go again, for they have angered the Gauntlet Gods. If a player has not completely gone through at the end of an entire deck. The top cards in the seven piles are left on the table, and the remaining cards are shuffled back into the pile for continued fun. I have seen a person go through 7 decks in one sitting (It wasn't pretty).


Jason Beaird