The Real Kings

Game Type: Card - T


  • 1 or 2 decks of cards


1 deck is recommended for less than 8 people, 2 for more than 8. This game get you hammered or just buzzed, it all depends on the rules you make. Everyone sits in a circle and the cards are spread out face-down. The first person starts by taking a card and flipping it over. Then an action is performed according to the card pulled. But be patient as the rules may be confusing at first.

  • To start, 7,8,9 have no values.
  • 2,3,4,5- dish 'em out according to card value ex. 2 drink 2, 3 drink 3, etc… (you can give them all to one person or break it up)
  • 6- Tombstone, drink all 6 yourself
  • 10- Thumb rule, the person who has this card may at any time place their thumb on the edge of the table and all players must follow, the last player to place their thumb on the table must take 1 drink. The same player has thumb rule until another 10 is pulled.
  • Jack- Topic. The person who pulls this card picks a topic and the next person says something pertaining to the topic, it goes around the circle until someone screws up. Ex. Topic-types of drinks… beer, coolers, wine… You have 3 seconds to give a response, or else you drink! If you repeat an answer you must also drink.
  • Queen- Question, the person who pulls must look at a person and ask a question, that person must look at someone and ask a question ans so on. If you do not respond with a question, you repeat a question, or hesitate, you must drink.
  • King (Community)- there are 2 ways to handle kings but it must be decided at the beginning of the game, option one is for those who don't mind sharing… Option 1. each time a king is pulled, all players must hand their drink to the left. For the 4th king, you must chug the rest of whatever drink is in your hand. Option 2. every time a king is pulled, all players toast in the center and take a drink. When the last king is pulled all players must chug their drink.
  • Ace- Make a rule, The person who pulls an ace must make 2 rules. The first being a 7,8,9 rule, this means that they make a rule for everytime a 7,8, or 9 is pulled. Ie.. Everytime a 7,8, or 9 is pulled that person must stand up and remove 1 article of clothing. The second rule to be made is a General rule. This rule applies to all players. Ie. All players must speak in an accent at all times or else they must take 4 drinks. New rules are made everytime an ace is pulled.
  • 7,8,9- Varies depending on rules made due to aces This can be a very crazy game depending on your rules, it can also take a long time to play depending on number of players, but it is guaranteed to be fun.


Jessica The Canadian Drinking Queen