Game Type: Card - T


  • 3 or more people
  • Beer


This game consists of giving out drinks by drinking the amount corresponding to the card laid out in front of you as well as the value of the card being played. The dealer starts the game by dealing out 8 cards in the middle of the table shown below:

xxxx x x xxxx

The value of the cards are in increasing order starting on whatever card the dealer selects. Each card is flipped over and is kept in the same place. If you have the card flipped up in your hand you can place the card in front of whoever you want. The value of the cards start at 1 drink for the first card flipped up by the dealer…the card counter clockwise is then flipped up and is worth 2 drinks…this round goes up to 5 drinks after 5 cards are flipped up..the 6th card in clockwise order goes back to being worth only one drink, the 7th is 2, 8th is 3 and so on.

The game sounds pretty weak except for a few little twists. First, each card that is flipped up in front of a player is playable for the whole game. For example if a player had to drink 1 drink on a king he was given earlier in the round and a king comes up in the deck on a 4 coming around the table again, that person has to drink 4. If you have multiple cards in front of you and that card is flipped either once or succesive times in the round you have to drink double or triple depending on how many you have… also..the real kicker each round, 2 more cards are added to the tombstone..

For example round 2 would look like this:

xxxxx x x xxxxx

With the value of drinks going up to 6 for the round and back down from 1-6 starting on the card selected by the next person clockwise (the new dealer) Basically you have cards in the center of the table worth drinks. When the cards are flipped, you give the card to whoever you want to drink. If the card shows up again on the table, the person who has the card in front of them has to drink.

The game continues till all the cards are flipped face up on the initial pile. Dealing moves counter clockwise as does card flipping Each player can look at all of their cards.

Cheating and picking on random players is always welcome.

Variation: The game is set up and played exactly the same except for the cards turned by the dealer in the beginning of the game. In other words, the dealer deals out the initial cards in the middle of the table and can select as many cards as they want to be worth: 1/2 a beer/glass. These cards are turned sideways and are played excactly the same as the rest of the cards in the pile.

Example: a seventh round could look like this with the (o's) being cards turned sideways worth half beers/cups

xoxoxx x x xxxxox

The game is played the same in terms of drinking on multiple pairs and on each time the card is flipped up. So if you have a king played up and put in front of you by two players, you have to drink a full beer. Play stops until all of the cards are played for the flipped up card and when the person drinking has drank all of their drinks.