Thumb Master

Game Type: Card - T


  • 3 or more people
  • Deck of cards
  • Drink of choice


Buzz level = the more you play the drunker you get! Scatter cards in the middle of the floor or table. (Usually played on the floor or coffee table) Any player starts and picks up a card, then plays according to that card. Each card has a meaning:

  • 2,3,4,5 = You pass out those drinks either to one person or split them up.
  • 6 = Thumb master. This person is the thumb master until another player draws another 6. This means that everytime the thumb master puts his/her thumb on the floor or table that everyone has to do the same and the last to do so has to drink.
  • 7 = Person on left drinks once
  • 8 = Person on right drinks once
  • 9 = Nine Nine bust a rhyme. This means that the player that drew the 9 has to say a word. Every player after that has to rhyme a word with the word of the player before them. The first player to hesitate, mess up or to repeat a word that has already been said drinks.
  • 10 = Toast Player that drew toast and everyone drinks.
  • Jack = Category. Player picks a category and names something in that category and everyone after has to say anything to do with it at all. (Eg. Category is sex: condoms, missionary, foreplay, etc. Anything to do with that category.) First to mess up, hesitate, or repeat drinks.
  • Queen = Question. Player looks at any other player and asks them a question, then that player looks at another player and asks them another question. The order of players does not matter. You can ask anyone anything. First to answer, hesitate, or laugh drinks.
  • King = Rule. The player gets to make a rule. This is the reason for being on the floor. You can tell everyone to get on hands and knees. Eg. No saying a word beginning with the letter "s" or no cussing. A favorite was saying that everytime I put my hand on my forehead the last to do so has to hump a chair or moon the party. Just be creative. This is usually where the guy and girls became enemies.
  • Ace = This card can be 2 things. Depending on everyones levels of drunkeness. It can be Waterfall where everyone starts to drink at the same time and you can't stop until the person in front of you stops or this can be another rule card. We make it a rule card when everyone is getting drunk and can't handle the waterfall. Or just to have more fun with the rules.

As long as you play with a lot of friends that are willing to have fun, then soon everyone will be very drunk. It's smart to play with beer instead of hard alcohol because you could be doing a lot of drinking in this game. The game is over after all of the cards have been drawn. But you can always throw them down and scatter again NOTE: Discard the cards after you draw them just make a pile in front of you until the next game/round.