F*ck Your Buddy

Game Type: Card - F


  • Bottle of Tequila per person playing
  • Deck of cards


Sit around a table. Pass one card to each player. The lowest card loses, so look at your card and decide whether you want to pass it to the person next to you (away from the dealer) (the person next to you has to trade unless he has an ace). The card can be passed all around to table to the dealer unless someone has an ace. If the dealer has a low card he has the option to take the top card off the deck. If you want to pass a card to your neighbor but he has an ace he says "Well I want to f*ck my buddy", and the person that tried to pass has to take a shot. Then everyone else trades if they want to. Then you show your card. The lowest card takes a shot. Once you throw up you are out. The loser from the previous round is the dealer.


Will Donaldson