Flopply Dopplys

Game Type: Card - F


  • 5 - 8 people
  • Full deck of cards
  • Lots of alcohol


Each person is seated around a table and every person around the table takes a turn at dealing the cards.

Every person has a glass, bottle or can of their favorite beverage in front of them. This game is played in "shots" which are generally more than your standard shot. 1 shot is half a mouthful of drink, two shots is a bit more, three shots is just about a mouthful and 4 shots is a full mouthful.

Each person is dealt 4 cards each face up (including the dealer). The dealer keeps the rest of the cards and then puts them on the table one by one face up on the table, one on top of the other.

Game play goes like this:

  • Drink One (anyone with the card dealt with the same picture or number takes one shot)
  • Drink Two (same as above with two shots)
  • Drink Three (same as above with 3 shots)
  • Drink Four (same as above with 4 shots)
  • Give One (if you have the card which the dealer dealt give that shot to someone else)
  • Give Two (same as above but with 2 shots)
  • Give Three (same as above but with 3 shots)
  • Give Four (same as above but with 4 shots)

When "gives" are dealt out, those people with the dealt cards can distribute among different players. If a person has two cards which are the same number or picture and that card is dealt they then have to drink/give double what is dealt. Players can charity other players if they feel that they are about to pass-out/spew.

Each game finishes when the deck of cards has been gotten through.