Game Type: Card - F


  • Deck of cards
  • Loads of Beer (or favorite drink)
  • Room full of people


  • Get everyone in a big circle (around the table, on the floor, campfire etc.)
  • Take the top card of the deck, that card's suit becomes the "it" suit.
  • The dealer drops cards around each person in the circle until someone gets a card of the "it" suit.
  • When a person gets an "it" card, they must consume for as many seconds as the value of the card (face cards are 10, aces are 1 OR 11 **** if you've got something to prove***). Everyone else must chant out the number of seconds in unison early in the game. Later anything goes.
  • After consuming for the correct amount the "it" person must say the name of the next "it" suit BEFORE they put their drink down (else a penatly is awarded).
  • A penalty is a 2-second drink. No one is obliged to chant along with the drinker.
  • The "it" person keeps the card that forced them to drink.
  • When someone gets three cards they may "cash them in" and make a rule. The rule could be whatever they want, people must sing as they walk off to the bathroom or whatever. The rule "void all previous rules" is valid (and very necessary after about an hour). Anyone failing to abide by the rules is awarded a 2 second penalty.
  • The dealer continues with that new "it" suit until a new "it" person is selected. * FUBAR stands for F*cked Up Beyond All Recognition. And it's easy to find out why…