Fuzzy Duck

Game Type: Card - F


  • Deck of cards
  • Drinks
  • Players


To play this game you give out all the cards to everyone whose playing. You do not look at your cards but hold them face down in front of you. Each Card has a different meaning.
Black means you give the drink, and Red means you take the drink.
Ace = Give one drink or take one drink (whether its B or R).
2-5 = Give or take whatever the card says (B or R).
6,8,9 = Subtract "5" and give or take whatever's left, (example: I lay 8 of hearts I subtract 5 and I'm left with 3 so I give 3 away because t was a red card)
7 = Waterfall. Whoever laid this card has to start drinking. It goes around the table clockwise with the next person to start drinking. Nobody can stop unless the original person who has started stops!
J = Fellas Drink. If only girls are playing than its a social.
Q = Ladies drink.
K = RULE CARD. Any rule goes and must be followed! or you DRINK!!!!


Michelle Brett