F*ck The Dealer

Game Type: Card - F


  • Any kind of drink (Beer if your looking for perseverance)
  • Deck of Cards


Lay one of each number card face up in a row (ace 2,3...j,q,k). The dealer looks at the card and asks the person to their left to guess what the card is. The dealer then tells if the card is higher or lower, the player gets one more guess and if they dont get it they have to take as many sips as they missed, if they do get it right the dealer has to drink the number. Example: the card is 7 player picks 2 dealer says higher player says 5...now the player has to drink 2 sips (the diffrence between 5 and 7). Had the player said 7, the dealer would have to drink 7 sips. The card is placed next to the ones faced up (so the players can see what cards have been played already). The dealer can pass the deck after 3 players in a row have been "f*cked" if the dealer gets "f*cked" before that he has to restart.