Funky Bitch

Game Type: Card - F


  • 4 or more people
  • Beer, or drink of choice
  • Deck of cards


This is an adaptation of Quasimodo. We changed quite a few of the rules to make it more fun. Definitely a good game to get the night started. Use 2 decks if a lot of people are playing.

First, distribute the cards evenly to everyone face down in a pile. Everyone takes turns flipping over a card from their pile. Each card has its own meaning:

  • 2 and 3: make a rule for when someone throws a 9 or 10. Works best when the rule is the last person to do something goofy or stupid has to drink. E.g. The last person to yell out a tongue twister, or the last person to punch the person on their left, ect. Each time a new 2 or 3 is drawn, that rule overrides the previous rule.
  • 4-8: drink for that many seconds
  • 9 and 10: do the rule that was made with a 2 or 3. (We usually set a "default" rule at the beginning of the game, in case a 2 or 3 has not been drawn yet.)
  • Jack-Bust-a-rhyme: everyone has to rhyme in a phrase, the first person who can't think of one drinks four. E.g. I went to the show, I saw a crow, My friend's name is Mo. These can be funny when they actually sort of make sense.
  • Queen: the last person to slap the queen and yell funky bitch has to drink four.
  • King: categories. Everyone has to name things under the category the card drawer picks. The person who drew the card has to start it. First person who can't think of one drinks four. (Parts on a car, Brands of Cigarettes, act.)
  • Ace: Waterfall. The person who drew the card starts drinking. The person to their left then has to start drinking, and the person on their left has to start drinking, and so forth. No one can stop drinking until the person in front of them stops. This means the person right of the card drawer starts and stops drinking last.
  • Jokers: these are optional. We use them as socials.

Optional: make a rule that no one can throw a card until everyone is done drinking to keep things fair. Give people who peek at their cards penalty drinks.

Sounds like a lot of things to remember, but everyone usually catches on quickly. Definitely a high buzz factor for this game. Have fun!