Kings II

Game Type: Card - K


  • 1 glass about half a pint in size
  • Bunch of people
  • Drinks for everyone
  • Prepared deck of cards


Take out all the 10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces from a deck of cards (discard the rest, they are not needed for the game) Lay out all the cards face down on a table, everyone sitting around it with their drinks. Put the empty glass in the middle of the table. Then take it in turns to flip a single card.

If it's a:

  • 10 - The person who flipped the card gets to make a CATEGORY. A category can be anything: types of cars, brands of beer, NHL hockey teams, etc. Then every person in turn must name something that fits in that category. (eg. If the category is NHL teams, they could say "Pittsburgh Penguins". The category proceeds around the table until someone gives an answer that doesn't fit, or takes too long to answer. They then take a penalty drink, and the next player takes their turn to flip a card.
  • Jack - Whoever flips a jack can make a RULE. A rule lasts for the rest of this game and can be absolutely anything, so long as it's not directed at one particular person. Examples of fun rules include double drinks, no using anybody's name, no touching your drink with your right hand, etc. Whenever someone breaks a rule for the rest of the game, they get a penalty drink.
  • Queen - As soon as a queen is flipped, it's a race to get your thumb down on the table. Last person to put their thumb down gets a penalty drink. As a side-note… anyone putting their thumb down when a card OTHER than a queen is turned, cops a penalty drink. You'll be surprised how after a few rounds, drunken people don't notice something as subtle as a thumb on the table.
  • King - Here's where the game gets its name. Whenever a King is turned over, that person must fill a third of the glass in the center of the table with their drink, whatever it may be. The person who turns over the fourth king, must drink it. The fourth king also instantly ends the game, voids all rules, etc. Oh, how entertaining it is watching someone drink a glass of beer/kahlua and milk/red wine.
  • Ace - Everyone take a drink. Usually greeted with raptuous applause.

This game is great. There's no rules about drinking out of turn, or being quiet or anything. We've based many a 8-hour night around this game, the highlights being hilarious physical-activity rules ("Strike a pornstar pose before you take a drink") and extremely lewd categories ("Name a term for female genitals"). Oh, the hijinx.