Kings Corner

Game Type: Card - K


  • Deck of cards
  • Lotsa Beer
  • Semi large group of people (6-15)


This game is pretty simple: First discard all the cards that are 5 or lower (not including aces) Next, spread the remaining cards in the center of the group. Each player chooses a card and then does what the rules say. Replace the card to the pile when finished.

Rules for individual cards:

  • 6- You drink, (pull the card=drink)
  • 7- Waterfall (the person who draws the card starts drinking, then the person to his left starts drinking and so on. The second person can't stop drinking until the first person does and so on.)
  • 8- Categories. (the person who draws the card pick a category and then the next person says something in the category and so on, until someone can't think of something. eg. category: 70's rock bands; the who, led zepplin, etc.)
  • 9- Bust a ryhme. (The person who picked the card makes up a ryhme and then the ryhme goes around the table, no repeating any word said before and it doesn't have to make sense.)
  • 10- Thumbmaster. (this person can put his/her thumb on the table at any time and the last one in the group to put their thumb on the table has to drink, switches when someone else draws a 10)
  • Jack- men drink
  • Queen- women drink
  • King- Make a rule. (one of the best is that no one can say drink drank or drunk.)
  • Ace- social (everyone drinks)