Game Type: Card - K


  • Deck of cards (can also be played with 2 decks)
  • Large drink for each player
  • Large empty glass


Best played with 6 or more players. Put the empty glass in the middle of the playing area. The cards can either be spread out on the floor or table, or can just be picked one at a time off the shuffled deck. Cards are picked one at a time, going clockwise around the circle.

Every card has a certain task attached:.

  • Ace of any color: Category, person picks a category and everybody has to say something that is within that category (i.e. Cars=>Chevy, Music=>Guitar)
  • 2-6 of red: take that many drinks
  • 2-6 of black: give out that many drinks
  • 7's: truth or dare, self explanatory
  • 8's: person says, I never…and anyone who HAS done it drinks
  • 9's: Rhyme Time, person says a word, and everyone has to say something that rhymes with it, first one to mess up drinks
  • 10's: social, everyone drinks
  • J's: the person to the card drawer's right has to drink
  • Q's: Question Game, person asks someone else a question, and in turn that person asks someone else a question (doesn't have to be related) First person to screw up, drinks
  • K's: For the first 3 kings, the person pours as much or as little of their drink into the large empty glass (usually put in the middle) When the fourth king is turned up, the game is over, and the person who drew it has to drink ALL of whats in that glass at that point.

Note: If you and your friends aren't very good at a certain thing, like Truth or Dare, etc., you can change that card to Make up A Rule About The Game…if someone doesn't follow the rule, they drink, etc.


Matthew Smith