Killer Kings

Game Type: Card - K


  • At least 3 people
  • Deck of cards
  • lots of ants
  • Pitcher or large glass


Pull out of the deck of cards: Kings, Queens, Jacks, Aces, 10's, and 9's. Keep these cards and shuffle them. Lay the cards face down and mix them up by moving them around with your hands. Now, each player takes a turn, and draws one card. The card is flipped over to reveal what it is.

If you draw a:

  • King: add as much beer as you like to the community pitcher/glass.
  • Queen: person to players right, drinks
  • Jack: person to players left, drinks
  • Ace: Social, make a toast everyone drink
  • 10: Categories;brands of cars etc..go around to each player and they name a brand, if repeated or can't think of one..drink
  • 9: Questions; players ask each other questions and answer with a question. Directed to any other player,answering or just blanking out..drink

This keeps going on and on…until when the 4th king is drawn. That poor bastard has to drink the community glass/pitcher and it starts all over again.

Variations: Add other cards, like the 2's etc and have them be something else, lot's of room for ingenuity on this game. Have lots of fun