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Cap"t (Fill in name here)
Few seats to play on (stools work best), Table or Bar, Whole lot of booze
Caps Two
2 people, As many beer caps as you can get, Lots of beer
Captain Morgan`s Bialthalon
1 bottle of Captian Morgans clear rum, Another drunk as crazy as you are
Case Race
1 case of beer per person
Cement Mixer
1/4 oz. Rose's Lime Juice, Each player needs: 1 1/4 oz. Irish Cream Liqueur, Strong stomachs
8 Cans of beer per person, Munchies, Place to crash not to far away, Shot glass per person, Stopwatch
Century Club
Beer, People, Timekeeper
Charge & Retreat
1 bottle Tequila, 1 bottle Vodka, Enough shot glasses & high balls to go around, Intestinal fortitude (very important), Salt and limes
Court Session
Glasses and Jugs of different sizes, Large area that can be cleaned easily, Lots of Beer (or spirits of some kind), Lots of people (sports teams are good), Tables and Chairs