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Drinking games have been played since the beginning of time. Ok, so maybe that is a bit of a stretch. They havenít really been around forever, but it sure seems that way.

Although it isnít a new concept for alcohol lovers and party goers to make an evening of drinking even more fun by playing games, the fun ice breakers have been around for quite some time.

One of the most popular versions of a drinking game is the card game. As long as you have your alcohol of choice, a deck of cards, and some willing participants, youíre in for a rip roaring good time.

There are various drinking games that are popular among players. Many of these games have lewd or crude names, such as Asshole, Rude the Bus, Pyramid, F*** the Dealer, Liarís Poker, and Kings.

While some games already have universal rules in place, many are able to be played using house rules that are established prior to the card game begins.

Asshole is perhaps the most well known of card drinking games. Also known as President and Presidents & Assholes, the object of this game is to dispose of your cards as quickly as possible in order to become the president in the next round of play. The longer it takes for you to get throw down your cards, the lower your ranking is on the card game totem pole. Much like other card games, there are many variations of Asshole, and the type you choose depends on you and those you play against.

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