Court Session

Game Type: Endurance - C


  • Glasses and Jugs of different sizes
  • Large area that can be cleaned easily
  • Lots of Beer (or spirits of some kind)
  • Lots of people (sports teams are good)
  • Tables and Chairs


Set up the area like a court, Judges at front table, everyone else in front of them. Jugs on the front table with beer (etc). Before court starts collect 'Accusations' from everybody about other people present. eg: John for sleeping with a fat girl, Bob for missing training, etc. Set up a few rules, like in the drinking rules. Other rules maybe: set toilet breaks, no skin contact. Select a few people to be Judges, their job is to keep order and bring Accusations to people and then issue 'fines'. The size of the fine depends on the accusation ranging from a can to a jug to shots in a jug. The accused comes before the court, pleads, if they plead not guilty and found guilty the fine is more severe. Any further questions you can email me. Use subject: court session.