Caps Two

Game Type: Endurance - C


  • 2 people
  • As many beer caps as you can get
  • Lots of beer


The two people sit facing each other with their feet out in front of them. Sit a good distance apart. (I don't mean on the other side of the room though!) You place your beer bottle on the floor in front of you, and you place a bottlecap, upside down on top. One of the players start off with all of the bottle caps. (It dosen't matter how many you have, it's for you to decide.) and the first player throws the bottlecap and tries to knock off the bottlecap on your beer. If they succeed, then the person who's bottlecap was knocked off, has to drink, and you throw all of the bottlecaps, then it is the other person's turn. This game could never end. The only time it ends is when someone is too drunk to see where the bottlecap is anymore, or when the beer runs out. Enjoy