Game Type: Endurance - C


  • 8 Cans of beer per person
  • Munchies
  • Place to crash not to far away
  • Shot glass per person
  • Stopwatch


Basically the aim of the game is to drink 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes. Person with stopwatch (hopefully a sober person) records each shot until the end, each shot is taken on the minute. Some people play that you are not allowed to go to the toilet, others play that shots accumulate while you go and no more than 5 shot (5 mins) must accumulate while you are gone and they must be consumed by the time that the next minute comes around. You can place a limit on the number of times you are allowed to go to the toilet (no more than 2 recomended). Also, if you puke you are out, unless you drink it (gross, I know but it's the only way to save face). This game is mainly about honour. Puking is definitely more likely than usual. This is of course due to the excessive amounts of head that is consumed. You may be thinking that 3L of Beer in just over an hour and a half is not that much. But the head is what kills you. It is usefull if you have a couple of shot glasses per person, so you can fill up more than one at once. Especially for toilet goers.


Stupid Kate