Charge & Retreat

Game Type: Endurance - C


  • 1 bottle Tequila
  • 1 bottle Vodka
  • Enough shot glasses & high balls to go around
  • Intestinal fortitude (very important)
  • Salt and limes


The whole concept of the game is very simple - last man standing cleans up!
Start with the Charge! Set everyone up with a tequila shot and a glass of vodka lime... simple enough? Everyone shouts "Charge!" and huffs the Tequila followed IMMEDIATELY by the vodka lime chaser. Keep charging until you feel the need to...
Set everyone up with a vodka shot & a glass of tequila lime cocktail. Shout "Retreat!" and huff the vodka followed IMMEDUATELY by the tequila-lime chaser.
Repeat as necessary until everyone falls down...
Have Fun!


Nicholas Lee