Cap"t (Fill in name here)

Game Type: Endurance - C


  • Few seats to play on (stools work best)
  • Table or Bar
  • Whole lot of booze


This is a game in which the only rule is to not deviate from the routine. I learned this from the mighty Thor himself. It is a real drinkers' drinking game.

The object is to go from a Cap't to a General. I will use my name as an example. Start by declaring "Cap't Juan Hung Low takes his first drink!" With index and thumb pick up glass and take one healthy swig. (You must finish all your drink in three) Then you tap the glass down once. State "Cap't Juan Hung Low wipes his mustache!" With your index finger wipe your upper lip if you grow facial hair like a 10 year old or are a female lacking a mustache. Then tap the bar/table with your left index once, right index once, under the table/bar with the left once, right once, one tap with the left foot, one tap with the right foot, stand and then sit.

For round two, add one to everything. Eg: "Cap't Cap't Juan Hung Low takes his second drink!" Two swigs (nice and healthy as the third is the final! I usually take about a four count chug on the first one.) "Cap't Cap't Juan Hung Low wipes his mustache!" Two fingers, two wipes! Ten with two left fingers and two right fingers do your tap ritual and then two taps with the left and two with the right. Two stand and sits.

On the Third round every thing uses a three. Cap't Cap't Cap't ; Three fingers, three wipes etc. If you finish your drink in the allotted three sips without screwing anything up then you can take a stand(maybe!) and proclaim "Cap't Cap't Cap't Juan Hung Low is now a General!!" Sounds silly but each time you make a mistake your drink is topped off and you must start from the beginning, no matter how far you make it. After a mistake or two, look out, as difficulty increases as with any drinking game when you get drunk!!

Again if you make any mistakes (eg: using the wrong finger, leaving out a count or toe tap or any part of the ritual is grounds for a refill! You need a couple of people to play with you so they can fairly officiate. Works great when there are no cards, coins and all of those toys. Improvise if you don't have a bar/stools.

Cheers Mates!!!


Juan Hung Low/ Thor