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Beat the Barman
Beer Cricket
A strong bladder, Beer
Beer Race or Relay
2 or more players, Alcohol of choice, Open space like a park or big back yard, Referee
Beer Relay
At least 6 people, Pitcher of Beer to start….and more beer later, Set on location at a bar would be easiest
Beer Run
A large space outside, Bottled Beer, Unlimited players, Watch (for timing)
Blazing Saddles
A Keg (trust me you'll need it), Blazing Saddles movie, Group of friends with high alcohol tolerance
1 piece of bubblegum or 2 or regular gum, Any type of drink
Boat Races #1
And more Beer, Beer
Boat Races (Real)
10 oz plastic cups, lots of ants, Table or counter to stand at
Bottle Cap Game
10+ people, Bottled Beer