Game Type: Card - B


  • 3 - 5 people
  • Cold frosty beer
  • Full deck of cards


The object of bowling is to have the best poker hand. Each player is dealt 4 cards to begin with. Ten cards are then placed face down on the table in a pattern resembling the way bowling pins are set up (4, 3, 2, 1, in a pyramid) The row with four cards are to be auctioned off one at a time. If a player wants the card flipped over, he or she will place their bet out loud (eg. “I bet 5 drinks”) The bet will continue to go around the table until only one person still wants the card. Players place higher bids if they want the card, or simply pass. Whoever wins the card has to then drink the amount they bet. The card is then added to the players hand. Betting begins with the person left of the dealer.

Betting begins the following time with the person two seats left of the dealer, and so on. Betting continues until all the first four cards are bought. Every time a card is bought, the amount which it was sold for goes into a “pot”, and whoever ends up winning the game gets to distribute that number of drinks among the players. An example would be if all 4 cards are bought for 15 drinks, the winner would distribute 60 drinks. The most any one person can be made to drink is half the pot; the rest has to be split up between the other players.

The next row of cards (the row with three) are burn cards. They get flipped over one at a time and if anyone has those cards in their hand they must discard them, even if the cards were bought in previous round.

The 3rd row (row with two cards) are community cards. Everyone playing can use them in their hand however possible. The final card is a wild card. An example would be, if a 6 is turned over for a wild, anyone with a 6 in their hand already can use their 6 to help get the best poker hand. Community cards cannot be used as wilds. Players then show their cards, whoever has the best hand distributes the amount of drinks in the pot from the first round.

NOTES: Beer Bongs can be used as forms of placing bets on cards. Bluffing a bet is a good idea even if you don’t really want the card, but you think someone will keep going higher on their bid. If everyone passes on a card, it would be wise for the last person to buy the card for 1 drink.


Flossy B